Top 5 Writing Services You Should Be Aware Of

Writing services carry a huge responsibility, as they can easily make the difference between success and failure in someone’s academic life. Students relying on these for important assignments should know exactly what they are signing up for, as the levels of quality can range from subpar products and scams to excellent papers, without there being a clear way to differentiate the good from the bad.

Fortunately, provides great help for these situations. Our impressive experience with services on the market means that we know what to look for and how to evaluate the value that an option provides compared to the others. Helping the students make the most out of their generally limited budgets has always been our main goal. Today we will look at 5 websites that disappoint with their services.

1. Effective-Papers
The biggest drawback here is writing that shows clear signs of limited experience with the language from the person assigned to our paper. We were far from alone in that aspect, as customer reviews often tell the same story. Grammar problems and incorrect word usage were to be seen throughout the text, with customer service being unable to offer any reasonable solutions in a timely manner. Prices were average, yet it was disappointing to see no promo code available for new customers. Discounts were only available in the form of coupon codes received after spending at least $500 on the website – with the low level of quality offered, that is a lot to ask for.

2. NoNeedToStudy
While not a fraud or scam, this website does nothing to convince us that your money will be well spent here. The paper we received displayed plenty of writing mistakes – not that surprising considering that even their website content is guilty of it. Prices were quite high as well, with another drawback being the fact that you cannot see any numbers before giving information regarding your order – only then will you receive a quote. Customer service was not satisfactory either, as it had little use besides offering basic information.

3. EssayEmpire
Poor writing quality is the trend with these services and makes no exception. A lack of effort was clearly visible, as not only was the writer not qualified for the subject covered, but the resources used were basic – it didn’t take us longer than a few minutes to find something much better with a simple online search. The formatting was also unsuitable for a college paper, leaving us with a simplistic paper that ultimately felt like it said nothing. Our review only managed to lead to a poor rating. Prices are average, but you can definitely find something better in that range.

4. A-writer
No samples are offered here, and it is easy to see why. The paper we received displayed plenty of writing mistakes, the resources used were below what is expected at college level, formatting was awful – a disappointing experience all around. Customer service was also unable to help us in a timely manner, with the high prices being impossible to justify in such conditions.

5. MyAssignmentHelp
Testimonials may deceive you, but you will not receive anything resembling decent writing in reality. It is clear that the company employs people that lack experience with the English language, as papers are often full of mistakes – something that reviews from students mentioned as well. Prices are also very high and only communicated during a chat with the company. Customer service was also ineffective at its task, making us find no saving grace here.